Friday, January 6, 2012

1 - Lucky Spice

I knew I needed to organize my spices.  Spices were so hard to find, that I ended up buying more, thinking I had run out, only to find that I had duplicates, and in one case, three jars of Tarragon! I don't ever even remember using Tarragon. Strange. 

So, I researched spice jars and spice racks.  I knew I liked the clear glass jars so that I could see the spices inside. But, the clear jars would mean that light would breakdown and ruin my spices faster than I could use them. I could hide the jars in my cupboard, but, I had no room in my cupboards. I also had no counter space, and so I was left with few options. I couldn't find the perfect solution, so therefore, I had none.

Then one lucky day, while toting three young boys through the Pottery Barn Outlet Mall in Jeffersonville, OH, I came across a metal cubby with 9 pull out drawers.  Certainly, I could use it to organize something that was cluttered in my house.  On the drive home, it came to me that it was about the size of my spice jars.  By the time I got home, I was so excited to see if they fit, that I grabbed one of the drawers out of the rack in one hand, and my tired toddler in my other arm, and went straight to the kitchen.  Unbelievably, the jars fit.  Perfectly.  It was as if it was MADE for this. 

The next day, I mounted the unit to my wall, and started labeling.  I then ordered more glass jars, filled, labeled, and alphabetized.  Each drawer holds 6 spice jars, so now I can have a whopping 54 jars, alphabetized and neatly stored.  I think I might love my spice rack more than what one might consider normal.

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